Works 2015

Isabel Valverde

There is a Bernini sculptural group in the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome, in which it appears the figure of a recumbent Santa Teresa and an angel beside her holding an arrow in his hand, which is the length an arm. The image shows the sublime moment of Santa Teresa’s mystical communion with God, showing an expression of sentiment between pleasure and love pain. I also loved another Bernini sculpture with the same theme and similar features called blessed “Ecstasy Ludovica Albertoni” in the church of San Francesco a Ripa. The image that represents the stopped action has always fascinated me, since this topic is becoming an stereotypes in the culture. So I decided to make a series of drawings that develop the same theme and to examine the process of mythification of the image.
The works of Identity Portrait Series (2015), drawings and paintings are the result of a detailed study of art and literature. These works have a provocative attitude based on the tradition of feminist discourse.