Works 2012

Isabel Valverde

Daily Political Portrait Series (2012)
The interest of the artist in the representation of the phenomenon of time in the artistic process of Daily Political Portrait Series appears closely linked to her biography.
Works in Daily Political Portrait Series seem to focus on really transmiting the idea of duration of time. The series of works consisted in making a portrait of a politician every day for a year, which coincided with the news appeared in the media.
The rendered image is converted into a real time data of what happened during that day. The works have the same dimension 38X28cm. and the same technique, watercolour and acrilyc on paper and use the concept of seriality as a method of analyzing the concept of time in the process of work.
The artistic process of creation of the portrait coincides in real time with the news appeared, in order to pinpoint through the image the abstract phenomenon of representation of time.