Women Portrait Series: A conversation with Virginia Woolf, including paintings and works on paper and they are related to the real, fictions and stereotypes created in the culture regarding Women’s identity. The title has to do with a detailed study of some English feminist writers regarding their novels, especially Virginia Woolf, who explores identity movements.
This body of work is the result of a process of looking into both literature and art. At the beginning of the new series of works I wanted to examine the stereotypes created in the culture regarding women’s identity. Firstly I examine stereotypes created in the fictional characters of the heroines in literature and art. I developed that idea, that led me to the creation of some works, which showed the real identity of relevant women portraits.
Women Portrait Series is a never-ending painting and a continuous work. This is the result of a daily portrait painting always being in process. In this work I was interested in the concept of seriality as a method of investigating the continuum as a work in progress linked to life and to the passage of time. When I use the serial portrait in a never-ending process I try to express my continous temporary passage of my work in a symbiosis of art and life.