Isabel Valverde was born in Valencia in 1969, where she currently lives and works. Her art is primarily feminist and post-conceptualist and her focus is on painting and works on paper. She draws on literature and on History of Art and her works have a provocative attitude stituated in the tradition of feminist discourse.

Her interest in the theory of conceptual art and literature informs particularly Valverde’s paintings and drawings, which are the result of a process of looking into both literature and art. Sometimes they are texts that aesthetic issues, such as the Balzac’s novel The Unknown Masterpiece or to philosophical texts like the certainty of Wittgenstein origin of the series Painting Text that raise questions about the creative thinking.

The last project Women Portraits Series: A conversation with Virginia Woolf, 2018 is related to the real, fictional and stereotypes created in the culture regarding women’s identity. Women Portraits Series is a never-ending painting and continuous work and it is always the result of a daily portrait being in process. 

Her training in contemporary dance brings to the work by Gutai artist, especially Takesada Matsutani and Atsuko Tanaka with a presence of time in her work.

She studied Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and did complementary studies regarding Postmodern Theory. Ph. D. in History, Theory and Criticism of art and collaborated in doing theoretical work in the Department of Art History at the University. She also took several post-graduate courses at the University of Valencia. In 2013 she studied an Official Master’s Degree in Art History and Visual Culture at the University of Valencia and collaborated doing some lectures at the Modern Art Institute (IVAM).

Since her first exhibition in 1998 she has made several exhibitions in different exhibition rooms such as Josep Renau at the Polytechnic University of Valencia(1999); Exhibition Room of the University of Chile; a solo show The Space of the fable Gallery The Orange Room (2006),Valencia; Ten to Ten, Ship Ten Art Gallery (1999); Verónica Exhibition Room Murcia (2002); Postpos Art Gallery Valencia; Buades Art Gallery (2012) Madrid; a show Paintings at the art Gallery 9 (2016)Valencia